Circuit 1-2-3 Regional level

The regional circuit has been designed to offer recreational athletes training program a period of 4 to 9 hours per week. This tour begins with an easy level enables young people to make fun of the competition. Later, the performance led him to a more structured with a higher difficulty level practice.

Changing Program and Provincial Challenge

The objective of the program is not a race at the highest level but the pursuit of excellence. It is important for a young gymnast learn to develop an eye for technical detail. It is also essential to develop its capacity to perform all the databases in a variety of situations in order to enhance its ability to adapt and allow it to become versatile.
Canadian Provincial Program

The general objectives of female competitive programs are to facilitate the tracking of a gymnast throughout her gymnastics career and encourage overtaking. In addition, the objectives of the PPC is to allow, encourage and require a certain level of difficulty according to the long-term objectives of each program.