The Challenge program – I challenge for excellence

The Challenge program can be used in preparation for competition or in addition to any competitive program of regional or provincial circuits. A gymnast can get to a higher level as long as it passed the standard preset passage for said level. The regions are responsible for ratings for levels 1 and 2. These assessments are done in the framework of activities of the regional gymnastics circuit.

The DEFI (Challenge) program is an introductory program through which gymnasts develop the basics of gymnastics. The objective of the exercise is not competition and coaches must orient learning according to individual progress of each of their gymnast depending on the content of the program. Mastering the fundamentals is the priority.

The DEFI (Challenge) events are assessments that allow gymnasts to compare their performance and development according through each assessment. It is important to understand that these evaluations should especially help coaches and gymnasts to be diagnosed in the identification of gaps. At no time does the FGQ provide documents showing the complete results of all gymnasts for comparison between them.

There are no certificates or medals at the end of the evaluations. Gymnasts will make their assessment and receive a certificate of participation and side coaches will receive a copy of the evaluation sheets.