The Mission of our Club

Goals and objectives of the Club:

  • To offer a recreational training program for children and teens of all age groups.
  • To offer a competitive training program, based on athletic skills, for everyone interested and able to follow the program.
  • To offer the chance to develop in the recreational or competitive training programs the following values:  discipline, organization, team work and sense of responsibilities.

Our philosophy

  • Gymnitours’ plan of action has been developed according to the needs of our population; a variety of gymnastics programs and activities in a healthy environment; motivating and achievable objectives that encourage mobility.
  • All our programs have been developed to ensure a steady progress in gymnastics and to make it accessible to everybody. They promote enjoyment and participation while developing self-confidence.
  • This will give the child a chance to start at a young age in the recreational program and continue onwards into the competitive artistic gymnastics program or the sport of tumbling and trampoline.